Central Payment Portal™

Welcome to the Central Payment Portal (CPP)! CPP is an amazingly flexible e-payment engine that supports a wide range of transactional applications and gives clients the freedom to make payments quickly and conveniently. The portal solution can process credit and debit cards, electronic checks and cash payments.

CPP features robust centralized processing and administrative functionality that provides real-time tracking, reporting and auditing. Any transactional application using CPP as a payment engine can deliver vast improvements in fiscal management and cost savings, and generate new sources of revenue.

Through a common gateway, the CBOSS CPP accepts payments from multiple sources including web, over-the-counter, kiosk, and phone. The system assigns every transaction its own unique tracking ID that is shared with other integrated systems throughout the transaction and settlement process.

Because it's web-based, CPP is easily integrated within existing infrastructures and legacy systems, and features encryption that ensures the highest level of data integrity and security.

Recurring Payments

CBOSS provides a very powerful revenue solution for customers through its CPP OnTime module that offers customers the ability to accept recurring payments.

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Bill Presentment

CBOSS provides Electronic Bill Presentment (EBPP) as a value-added service for CPP customers and is considered an important step in the online payment process. The goal of CBOSS is to assist customers in the transition from paper to electronic notification.

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From enterprise software solutions to managed services, CBOSS specializes in the design and implementation of portal solutions for e-payment processing, workflow automation and content management using industry-standard platforms and tools. Since 1994 over 700 businesses and government agencies have looked to CBOSS to deliver feature-rich services and solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and secure.

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